Electro Depot

Debunking the unsustainable myths of affordable electronic devices

Electro Depot is a low-cost retailer for top quality household appliances, multimedia, and other electronic devices. It’s also a price-buster with a sustainable spirit, aiming to limit carbon emissions, excess power usage and e-waste in any way they can. Electro Depot aims to re-invent itself and the market through revolutionary ideas, while never losing touch with its target audience.

There are many misconceptions about cheap products. They are not sustainable, they break easily, they cannot be repaired, etc… Electro Depot has made it their mission to debunk those ideas. By producing house-brand products with a high repairability score. By promoting refurbished rather than new devices. By developing appliances with the highest possible energy label. And by proving that low-priced devices can in fact be sustainable.