Becoming a market leader, by caring for people

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Sometime in 2015, rice brand Bosto was experiencing some turbulent times. Despite Bosto’s fame, private labels had become the rice of choice for Belgians. It was time to cook up a new communication plan.

Back to the kitchen

And by kitchen, we mean a thorough ideation workshop to discover all pains, challenges and opportunities Bosto was facing. Through desk research we found out the food trends Bosto could capitalize on. And we went looking for new ideas for new and old products alike.

Putting rice back on the map … and the menu

The average Belgian has grown weary of ordinary rice. It makes you fat, it’s boring, it takes too much time … Not a healthy basis for a relationship, is it?

Now what if we turned that idea around. What if a brand’s products can be tasty, healthy and convenient?

Bosto and BUBKA launched a series of product innovations combining rice with trendy products like quinoa or spelt. A second product range was launched focusing solely on convenience: 90-second microwave products.

From product to positioning

The new product ranges required Bosto to reinvent itself and reposition the brand on the market. BUBKA helped redefine Bosto as a Belgian brand that cares about Belgian people. Bosto wants to help people feel good and energized through an easy, healthy and varied menu.

Bosto is a brand you can trust for inspiration, variation and a general good feeling. Bosto helps you become a better you. Or better yet: a #betterme.

This way we brought Bosto closer to the Belgian consumer than any American uncle or private label.

Creative communication

We brought the #betterme-message to all classic platforms: a TV commercial, POS, digital content, eCRM … Demonstrating the brand can offer the right push, motivation and answers to questions a consumer has about food and eating. Next to traditional media we also used Google keyword analysis to develop more relevant content. Like tips and recipes with Bosto to help you deal with the winter blues.

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Hey Uncle, who’s your daddy now?

Yes, it’s a little stab at Bosto’s competitor. Sorry about that. But it is a fact that all of Bosto’s competition has been losing ground while Bosto keeps rice-ing. Market penetration and brand awareness have never been this high.
This all proves consumers have grown to trust Bosto as a partner in eating better and feeling better.