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The Brand Scan is a Sustainability Audit that analyses the sustainability level of an industry, a company or a brand from the consumer’s point of view on a regional as well as a national level.

On the one hand, we take a look at the differences between generations. On the other we distinguish three motivational segments: the Movers (Belgians who actively change their lifestyle), the Movables (already active, but could use a helping hand) and the Resisters (they want to keep things as they are). ​

In cooperation with the University of Ghent, Bubka has developed a quantitative research service that should enable an industry to define sustainability opportunities better and faster.

What you will learn from this research:

A. Industry outlook

  • How can we define the industry’s responsibility in the general sustainability debate?
  • What is the perception of the current efforts in the industry? What are the expectations?
  • Is the sustainable transition perceived as fast or slow?
  • What needs to be tackled by the industry and what are the priorities?

B. Brand and competition outlook

  • What are the most and least sustainable brands in the category?
  • Is your brand or product perceived as sustainable? What drives that perception?
  • Why do consumers prefer your brand/product and what is holding back your competitors?
  • Who are the movers, movables and resisters (consumers) in the category and across brands?
  • What brands are perceived as movers, movables and resisters?
  • What drives brand-switching behaviour?
  • Which specific activities would initiate switching to your brand?
  • What are the opportunities for growth?

What will you get?

  • Category, brand and product specific survey questions
  • A survey with 1,000 respondents and a 1.6% margin of error​
  • Generational (GenZ, Millennials, GenX, Boomers) and attitudinal segmentation (Movers, Movables, Resisters)
  • A full report with results and recommendations
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Ask for your own Brand Scan

Are you interested in your own Brand Scan, but you have still some questions? ​

No problem! You can book a free skype session without any further obligation with Wim Vermeulen, Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka. ​

During this 20-minute session, Wim will explain if and why the Brand Scan is relevant for your industry, organization or brand.​

Mail for a free Skype session or call him +32 475 84 49 80.