BUBKA is getting youngsters to learn the new safety symbols by gaming

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Every year almost 5,000 children fall victim to accidents with household cleaners. And why? Because they aren’t familiar with the safety notices on packaging. So the Belgian Federal Department of Public Health and Food Safety (FOD) had given BUBKA the assignment of making the necessary changes. The result is a clever online campaign with cool films and a funky game where the youngsters have to come to the rescue of emoji’s

In June 2017 a new European law required new European Safety Symbols to be displayed on all chemical products for household use. So it’s important that everyone – but especially youngsters – should become familiar with the new symbols as quickly as possible.

The big challenge here is to get through to the 10-14 year-olds effectively. We’ve managed to find a unique way to achieve that by using targeted online media applied in the right context.

Youngsters between 10 and 14 are extremely active on social media and Youtube, and they often use emoji’s to communicate. We’ve applied that simple insight to create a nice, goal-oriented and efficient campaign they’ll enjoy. It perfectly matches young people’s social circle.

Until August 2018 young people will be regularly bombarded on Instagram, Facebook and ‘Youtubers’ channels that are ‘hot’ with the kids; they’ll see a series of short, purposeful films starring emoji’s. The various online films will direct them to a game called ‘Save the Emoji’ where they have to match the right safety symbol with a dangerous product within a certain time limit. If they get it wrong, the emoji will die a hilariously horrible death! Then they must have another go…! You can find the game at reddeemoji.be and sauvelemoji.be.

To get youngsters to play the game as often as possible and get them thoroughly familiar with the safety symbols, they can also win some great prizes. The quickest time will have a chance to win a brand new iPhone, a set of headphones or a Spotify subscription.