Horta set a high bar for Bubka

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Garden and petshop chain Horta selected Bubka to put its communication and rebranding on the right track. Their plan of expanding into the French-speaking part of the country and opening new outlets demanded a new dynamic, and they were convinced by Bubka’s long-term vision for market positioning, brand architecture and shop design.

With our new brand-orientation and radio campaign, we’ve set Horta full steam ahead on course for the future. The modified look and feel and new brand story will strengthen not only everything the Horta brand has already acquired but will add detail and set up opportunities for expansion. We’re going to both make the Horta brand more modern and enable it to tap into new-market potential. Starting with our good understanding of what drives Horta’s customers and what their requirements are, we’re tackling the situation with a customer-orientated approach and communications full of inspiration. We want to get Horta to grow into the thought-leader for everything to do with the outdoors.

We’ve translated that new positioning into an advertising concept to be heard on the radio year-round, with Horta’s “Lawn Day” as a first. Like to hear it? Have a listen to our radio ads here.