The only 3 brand assets that make your market share grow

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In an ideal world, marketers understand how brand performance determines market share, predicts potential to grow and can assess which creative campaign proposals have the most potential to deliver that growth. Current brand tracking methodologies do not allow this.

The ‘Best Self Brand Model’ is a data-driven brand tracking and creating model, developed by Bubka and prof. dr. Gino Verleye (UGent & VUB). It is based on key insights from behavioural sciences on how consumers choose brands. It allows marketers to understand how their brand performance affects market share, predicts potential growth and assesses which creative tools have the best potential to deliver that growth. Depending on your ambitions, it comprises up to 3 quantitative research and development phases.

What do you get? What will you learn?

1. How is your brand’s performance compared to the competition?

We might think that consumers make well-considered decisions when choosing a brand. This is not the case. The Best Self Brand Model gives in-depth insight in the heuristics that help consumers make a swift and effortless decision between options. The three heuristics are:

  • Availability Heuristic: People think a brand is better if it immediately comes to mind.
  • Affect Heuristic: People think a brand is better if they feel good about it.
  • Fluency Heuristic: People think a brand is better if they can process what it offers and stands for more smoothly, faster or more fluently than with other brands.

2. How much can your market share grow by increasing its Best Self Brand score? What is the strategic priority to obtain this?

Research shows the extremely strong correlation between Best Self Brand score and market share (0.85 across all markets). This means that when a brand increases its Best Self score, it has an (almost) linear effect on increasing its market share. Knowing how to improve your score is essential when defining a marketing plan.

3. What are your brand’s characteristics that drive market share?

If you know your score on 3 essential heuristics, you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. The Best Self Brand Model unveils which brand attributes drive category heuristic scores, how your brand scores compared to competition and how to improve the brand attributes that count.

4. What is your brand’s growth potential and how will your communication influence this?

Get to know which creative assets have the most significant potential to deliver market share growth. The Best Self Brand Model scores various creative directions on their potential to increase brand performance and market share. It highlights opportunities for improvement, significantly reduces the risk of disillusion and prevents drops in return on investment.

What is the timing? What is the budget?

Best Self Brand comes in three different packages addressing your needs and ambitions: Driver Identifier, Campaigner's Delight and Growth Maximiser. All include quantitative online research on representative panels of consumers, segmented to your industry (max 1,8% error of measurement).

Timing confirmation after an initial briefing meeting. This meeting is important to discuss your choice of formula, details of the research, questionnaire and characteristics specific to the category, brands and products. Expect a 6-10 weeks’ lead time depending on your choice of formula. Expect a budget starting at 12,500 euro (ex VAT). In the folder you can read more about the packages we offer.

All the details are in the free folder.

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