Account Executive

Are you a killer executive?

Momma always said: “Never underestimate an account executive”. She was right, you know. Those people are bulldogs, killers, … They’re probably the hardest working people in advertising.

Things that make you stand out:

  • Thinking strategically to recognize your clients’ priorities
  • Being persuasive enough to inspire your colleagues
  • Judging creative concepts
  • Being brave enough to tell creatives when concepts are bad
  • Selling the good concepts to clients
  • Organizing the execution of said concepts within budgets
  • Following up on integrated communication plans, both online and offline

Things you really should have:

  • Sound knowledge of Dutch, French and English
  • About 1 year of experience in an advertising agency
  • A passion for all things communication
  • A degree in communication or related studies
  • Assertiveness, proactivity, resistance to stress
  • A strong extraverted, profound and decisive personality

Things you’ll get if you tick all the boxes:

  • An extremely challenging job with an ambitious agency
  • A competitive salary. That’s right: we’ll “show you the money”.
  • Benefits galore: a brand-new smartphone, a laptop and about 20 quirky colleagues

Things you should do if you want the job:

Apply online, of course! You can also send us an e-mail or go “old school” and give us a ring. On the phone, not the finger. Here are the details: - +32 3 206 86 00

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