Bubka needs a new Content Manager!

Want to gain thousands of followers in one day?

How many social media profiles can you manage at the same time? If your answer is: “more than you can”, well, then you have the attitude we might be looking for.

Thing is, of course, you won’t be managing personal profiles, but pages run by a handful of A-list brands.

Things that make you stand out:

  • Being smart and hands-on in following up on our clients’ social media projects. You will manage both content and advertising campaigns.
  • Punctuality. Like making sure that all content goes “live” at the appropriate time. What doesn’t go live, will not get results.
  • A “likeable” personality that thrives in teamwork. You’ll have to work together with strategic minds and the creative department.
  • A strategic mind to develop social strategies and content calendars for clients.
  • Communication skills to produce clear briefings for our creative dummies. They need your input for blogs, web copy, emails and social media posts. Don’t worry, there should be an account manager and digital strategist to help you out.

Things we kinda require from you

  • 1 or 2 years of experience in a job not unlike this one.
  • Social media is your second home: you know different platforms inside and out, you know how advertising on social media works, you know different advertising formats on different channels and you sure as hell know what Facebook Pixel is.
  • Planning, communication, empathy, team-player, critical mind, stress-resistant, hands-on… You know: the whole shebang of clichés most people lie about anyway.
  • It’d be swell if you could write a little in Dutch and French.
  • You love numbers, results, flow charts, pie charts… Any chart, really.

We’ll make it worth your while

  • You’ll get a nice paycheck every month, of course.
  • You’ll also get a smartphone, laptop and other benefits.
  • A fun bunch of about 20 colleagues. Some are more fun than others. So it goes.
  • The opportunity to work for A-list brands with tons of followers on social media.
  • Plenty of opportunities for personal growth and training.

Things you should do if you want the job:

You can get creative and do something on social media to get our attention. Or you can make it easy: apply online, send us an e-mail or give Michel Laukens a call.

info@bubka.be - 0475/667760

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