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Holy cow! Cheese brand OudenDijk chose BUBKA as its communications partner. It’s up to us now to help the brand in becoming the cheese of choice in Delhaize stores, refining the identity and the look.

At this point, the outstanding Gouda is only available at Delhaize supermarkets and specialized cheese stores. However, few people are aware what kind of Gouda they actually take home with them. We plan on changing that.

BUBKA matches FMCG-brands

Of course, at BUBKA we’re really, really pleased with the addition of OudenDijk to our client portfolio: Over the past few years we were able to convince quite some FMCG-brands with our approach. This gave us the chance to further and further develop our expertise in this category. So it’s no coincidence that OudenDijk chose BUBKA for future-proof communication”.

“It may be from North-Holland, but it’s very generous in taste”

The first collaboration already offers a glimpse of what’s to come. It describes OudenDijk as being “Noord-Hollands, maar niet gierig in smaak”. It’s a funny play on the typical perception that Dutch people are stingy. Freely translated it says “It may be from North-Holland, but it’s very generous in taste”.

Party proof

The multi-channel campaign pictures the brand as a perfect, party-proof end-of-year appetizer. It ran during the holiday season on billboards near Delhaize and in the Delhaize POS-network, as well as a online. The latter will consist of inspiring videos and link posts based on search analysis, tips and tricks, easy recipes, e-couponing and more. All this will make OudenDijk the biggest star of the aperitive last end of year.

Well, apart from you of course.

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